Video Transcript

00:07 Patrick Lo: Immigration is a very important pillar of the growth of America's wealth. America is built on immigrants, and with the opening of borders, globalization, with the proliferation of internet, the whole world is connected. So technology companies in Silicon Valley, as well as around the US or anywhere in the world, will go where the talents are. So today if we say, "Hey, don't let the talents come to the US," then what we'll end up doing is we'll go to them. And certainly that is not good because if we could absorb more talents, especially technical talents into the US, they would create jobs because they need to be serviced. But if those jobs, instead of being in the US, we actually go to them and hire them, and let them work in India, let them work in China, let them work in Russia or Ukraine, guess what? Those supporting jobs are gonna be in those countries. So, me being an immigrant myself, I absolutely support that we absorb more and more of these technical talents into the US that would continue to grow the US economy.