How to Launch a Company and Have a Baby at the Same Time1:30

NOI Solutions founder Saima Chowdhury got pregnant the same month she started her company. Here are productivity tips she learned along the way.


Midsize Companies Outpace the Broader Market

Looking for growth? You'll find it in the U.S. middle market.

Why the Digital Skills Gap Is a Productivity Killer (Infographic)

Just one out of ten employees in the U.S. consider themselves proficient with the digital tools they use. Do your workers have the skills they need to help your business succeed?

The Basics of Business Body Language (Infographic)

Make your point loud and clear without saying a word.

Why Your Neurotic Employees Might Also Be Your Most Creative

For this group of people, high-stakes situations and stress can help to generate a myriad of ideas.

7 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

When everything is riding on you, how can you make it all happen, without running yourself into the ground?

Malaysia Airlines Employees Struggle to Deal with Disasters

Low morale plagues the airline as workers try to come to terms with the second catastrophe in four months.

How You're Making Your Life Harder Than It Needs to Be

The biggest thing that may be holding you back? You. Take a cue from Henry Ford on how not to let that happen.

Beyond Mentors: The Secret Weapon to Fast-Track Success

Mentors are great. Drawing on a whole cadre of mentors -- your Personal Board of Directors -- is even better.

The Cost of Customer Service Wait Times (Infographic)

Poor customer service costs U.S. companies billions every year. To build customer loyalty, avoid these mistakes.

7 Keys to Creating the Best Work Environment (Infographic)

Keeping your employees happy and productive doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

This Trick Made Me $18,000 in 7 Seconds

This simple negotiating technique ensures that you get paid what you and your product are worth.

Stop Working and Take a Summer Vacation

Think you're too busy to take time off? By skipping vacation, you're doing yourself--and your business--a disservice.

Top 5 Reasons Employees Quit (Infographic)

Think offering your employees more money is the only way to keep them at your company? Think again.

Ugly Website? 4 Reasons to Skip a Redesign

Looks aren't everything. Here's why some popular websites--hello, Craigslist--never have to change.

How Germany's Smart Goal Setting Took It All the Way to the World Cup Title

Effective use of goals can give you the competitive edge. This goal-setting framework makes the process easier and more effective.

'Mansplaining': The Real Reason Men Like to Explain

That bloviator in the office isn't necessarily a chauvinist pig. Here's what the research says about why some men insist on explaining things they know little about.

It's Official: Micromanaging Kills Productivity

New research suggests the more you try to dictate how and when employees work, the less they will accomplish.

What I've Learned From Three Decades in Retail

Ex-J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson reveals the ins and outs of working in retail.

3 Questions That Motivate Any Employee columnist Minda Zetlin offers three valuable questions you should ask your employees that will energize them and make them love their jobs.

How Jazz Can Increase Your Productivity

Natalie Nixon, director of the strategic design MBA at Philadelphia University, explains how you can use jazz inspired leadership techniques to synthesize employees and engender a truly collaborative environment.