Have you ever wanted to peek at your rivals' books? Now you can. We have compiled detailed financial data on privately held companies in more than a dozen industries. See how your business compares.

Are you hitting your financial targets? Select your industry and enter annual revenue in the fields below (enter actual dollar amount, e.g. $1,250,000, as opposed to $1.25 million) and we'll show you what your numbers—expressed as percentages of total sales—should be, based on industry averages.

About Sageworks
Sageworks is a leading source of private company financial data for financial markets and business owners. Through a cooperative model with financial professionals, Sageworks aggregates private company financial statement data in real time by industry sector, geographic location, time series, income statement and balance sheet line items, financial ratios, and more.

About the partnership
Sageworks and Inc. have teamed up to provide transparency into the financial health and performance of the private sector and to enable you to benchmark a company's performance to its peer group.

To learn more about the benchmarking data available to private companies, visit www.sageworksinc.com.

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