Video Transcript

00:09 Russell Simmons: My first experience, entrepreneur experience, was as a result of loving music so much and wanting people to experience it. I mean, it was a passion to share with the world what I loved. If you work, your work can be like a prayer. And if you're good at it, and you're comfortable in it, and you forget results and do the work, and I think this is the way that it's written over and over in every scripture. It's a very important thing. You put your head down, you enjoy your work and a challenge is the prayer, is the result. It comes, the happiness comes from the work itself, not from the fringe benefits.

00:53 Simmons: So everything, I think, everything you sell is because someone else likes it, right? And then you get a return. And if you sell something you like and they like it, it's a much greater return, obviously. And then also it's a lasting, stable thing you're giving. But good givers are great getters. And that's what the book is about, and the idea of being super-rich is the state of needing nothing. And you operate from that kind of abundance, and if you operate from that abundance, then you'll be a great entrepreneur. You may not be the greatest business person, like I talked about earlier, but you will be a great entrepreneur, if you operate with a real sincere... Of wanting to serve.