That April 15 tax deadline is fast approaching, which might have you scrambling to to cram in a couple extra deductions--but don't get too creative.

The Minnesota Society of CPAs recently surveyed its members, asking them for the most creative deductions they've seen their clients try to file.  Here are the seven most ridiculous.

(Don't try them; they won't work.)

1. A farmer tried to write off the food and veterinary expenses for his "guard dog." It was a toy poodle.

2. One woman tried to deduct her gambling losses. She claimed them as donations to charity.

3. A professional piano player tried to claim their manicures as business expenses.

4. One filer tried to declare their children as dependents in order to receive the associated tax break. They didn't have any children.

5. A ballerina tried to deduct her tummy tuck as a business expense.

6. One woman tried to deduct her Botox procedure as an "image enhancement" expense.

7. One client tried to deduct the expenses associated with installing a swimming pool, claiming it was a medical expense.