Video Transcript

00:12 Scott Gerber: What Gilt has done in many ways has changed consumer purchasing behavior, which is not an easy task, you know. Taking what many would argue is a leisurely exercise, and making it almost a competitive sport. So my question is, how did you systematically go about educating the customer to make them wanna be part of your experience versus it being on their own time which is the more traditional way to think about retail shopping?

00:35 Alexis Maybank: There are certain things that we tackled when we rebuilt the Gilt experience. We did want it to be fine, we did want it to be competitive, and we worried how we would communicate it out to customers, so it was a very specific way to shop. But if there is something coveted, and there are certain rules behind it, people pick it up really quickly. So, our message was simple, everyday new supply of inventory at noon eastern, be at the front of the line, and that's really the message. People got it within... If not within the first visit, the second visit, and it became how they just shopped on Gilt.

01:07 Gerber: So sort of like VIP access meets consistency in your messaging to sort of give that feel of, "You're gonna miss it if you don't come right now," that timeliness factor, so there's an urgency. What would you give as advice to business owners looking to create more people coming to their sites, more people coming to their stores, when they're looking to have a better turnover of product?

01:27 Maybank: One key element is to always keep it fresh. And it doesn't matter if you're publishing information, or if you're creating new products, or services. If you can keep your site and your offering as fresh as possible, so that if a person comes in and visits on a weekly basis, they're consistently finding something new. Or there's a steady release or cadence to new things that you're putting out there, then that keeps it exciting, it keeps people coming back. And they learn that, "I can go back and always find something interesting," I think that's really key.