Video Transcript

00:12 Scott Gerber: So you obviously have a tremendous background in digital marketing. I would... Fair to say that most businesses in America, whether it's mom-and-pop main street, or mid-level businesses, or 100 million plus dollar business, many of them don't get it. They don't understand the value of social media. What are some key things that you've seen through Gilt that gets things to, I don't even wanna say go viral, but get more attention, get people to feel comfortable with your brand and become brand-loyal. What are some of the sort of staid digital marketing tactics?

00:39 Alexis Maybank: There is an element of how do we use it for customer acquisition, and that's what you were alluding to. It's also key for brand-building and it's also key for customer service. So in the first two, think about how you gonna keep the message fresh as you are active on Facebook, Twitter. Five times a day on Twitter, what can I put out there that's useful information that could be spread amongst a group of interested people? How can I tell more about my brand, about what I'm doing day in and day out as a company that, again, people wanna digest and learn about? And in terms of brand-building too, it helps to really further your brand on what you are trying to develop. It's really critically important for customer service though too. So we now, as a company, have people staffed on monitoring real-time what is said about Gilt Group across social networks, whether it's directed at us or not; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.

01:31 Maybank: And we make it our point, good or bad, especially the bad, to respond as soon as possible because that's where the negative ripples happen. You have to get in front of it. You have to address it head on. Customers appreciate their being heard, especially if their issue is getting addressed. And we make it our point to monitor it all and find ways to, within hours, respond to that person and best of all, fix their issue. And that's critical because it keeps things from blowing out of hand. There's a downside to social media, where if you don't address things, it can really spread quickly. But then, I think people do a lot of the experimentation around promotions across social media. "Vote for this. Become our friend. You could get selected for... " Those are just kind of fun and exciting and I think...

02:17 Gerber: There's a lot of like sort of giveaway or gimmicky things that folks think are these are the mainstays of social media as an example, which some are, some not. It depends on the message, depends on the brand, it depends on many factors.

02:27 Maybank: It could be maybe 10% of what you do, but you can't lose sight of the fact that it's important for branding and it's also important for customer service and support.

02:34 Gerber: Looking at Gilt as something that needs a lot of social sharing to keep growing massive amounts of numbers and buzz around this. What are some of the ways that you've engaged customers to get better word of mouth? Is it simply just delivering an exceptional product experience? Are there certain specific things and tangible examples of things that you've done? Like what are some of those tactics?

02:55 Maybank: We have certainly incentivized the involvement. So you invite a friend to shops and we give you $25 credit. We have offered credits or free shipping or other things, if you complete a survey or you give us valuable feedback. So there's a lot of ways that you can partner to kind of further what you're looking to do across the social world, and leveraging that in a way that's true to your brand is important.