Video Transcipt

00:13 Scott Gerber: What is the greatest lesson you've ever learned over the course of your business?

00:18 Gary Vaynerchuk: My dad said to me, "If you buy it and it doesn't sell, you drink it." It saved my career. It taught me not to ever be full of crap and a deal's a deal, word is bond, it saved me. It's the biggest thing I thank him for professionally.

00:33 Gerber: What's the biggest social media gaffe that the Gary Vaynerchuk has ever made?

00:37 Vaynerchuk: Holy crap, that's hard. I decided to put Wine Library TV exclusively on Viddler and not YouTube, and it cost me big big. The fact that I became such a well-known video blogger and that my videos were not on YouTube until I later put them up... If you go to YouTube, Wine Library TV has like 100 reviews. I put them on years later. That was a massive mistake.

01:04 Gerber: Who or what inspires you more than anything else?

01:08 Vaynerchuk: I'm gonna go with what. The number one thing that inspires me in the world is the gratitude I have for what I've been gifted in family and DNA.

01:18 Gerber: What is the industry, the industry, that you would love to see totally disrupted, turned on its head in the next decade?

01:25 Vaynerchuk: All of them.

01:26 Gerber: And finally, what's the one thing you wish you would've known day one of starting in your father's business?

01:34 Vaynerchuk: Oh, that's a really good question. That it would take longer for shipping laws of alcohol to change than I thought as a naive 14-year-old, that the world would do the right thing every time.