Video Transcript

00:12 Scott Gerber: In your earlier career, not so much, now because you have a level of credibility that has quite a track record. You've been called things like 'loud mouth', 'over-hyper'. Things you're not... You know, everything and its mother.

00:22 Gary Vaynerchuk: Of course. Much worse.

00:23 Gerber: What do you recommend to people? When you know who you are that they do to want to tell their story in a better light and secondly, that you can own that so you're just basically owning the criticism and keep moving forward, so you're not stopping?

00:35 Vaynerchuk: You'll probably never meet another person who cares less about what people think about them, with the same equal feeling of how much he cares about what every single person thinks of him. So, the contradiction is... I'm like a bridge, right? It's pulling so hard from both levels, there's strength in the middle. I would say that nothing ever scares me because I know exactly who I am and I'm executing. Early on, we had a client who had a real issue and it started happening on their Facebook page. Thousands of people came to their Facebook page, this was '09, complaining about something. We just started working with them. And they called me, all hands on deck, all the executives. And they're like, "Gary, you need to fix this."

01:13 Gerber: And I'm like, "Okay, cool. I got this." "Are we doing this thing wrong?" "Yes." I'm like, "I can't fix it." And that was it. And I just won this big account and I'm supposed to be this thing for them. I'm like, "Unless we fix it, we can't fix it." The reason I've never worried that people think like I'm obnoxious or too over the top or full of crap or any of these things, is because I know who I am and I know when it's all said and done, I'll be fine. My actions are gonna execute the victory. I'm gonna remember when I met somebody. Like, I'm just gonna do what I am.

01:48 Vaynerchuk: Well, that's interesting though because I've seen you in a customer service situation versus on a stage obviously and there's different levels of pronunciation and being out there of course. But it seems almost that when you're doing a customer service thing, it's a very warm personal face-to-face experience. When you're doing your sort of more personal brand sort of platform, if you will, it's loud, it's intense, in your face. Almost those two things are fundamentally different. So, when you say to yourself, "I know who I am." I ask you, "Who is Gary?"

02:14 Gerber: I'm a contradiction, and that's why there's two sides, right? I wanna beat the crap out of every person in this room like if we were competing at anything. If we all stopped right now and said, "Let's play checkers", I wanna rip your freaking faces off. At the same token and I know, I'm looking around the room, I know some people, a little bit, a little context, a little more context, at the same token, after I ripped your eyeballs out of your sockets playing checkers, of all things, if you called me an hour later and said, "Hey, can I borrow a hundred bucks?" I'd give it to you. Like, it's just all these different things, right?

02:51 Gerber: Like, when it's game time, I'm really tough, right? Like I'm sure there's an athlete that I'm probably very similar to, which is the worst dude on the field, but the best dude off the field. I think that's what I am. When it's business, I'm tough. I really, really, really, really wanna win bad. But as soon as we take the helmet off in business, I really am willing to do things that 99.9% of human beings aren't willing to do for you.

03:18 Vaynerchuk: So, Gary Vaynerchuk, the contradiction.

03:20 Gerber: Absolutely.