Video Transcript

00:10 Scott Harrison: I was like... I was a good kid. I was raised in the church and did everything right until the age of 18. And at 18 like so many bad cliches, I rebelled, I grew my hair long down to my shoulders. I joined this like metal band and I moved to New York City to make it rich and famous.

00:30 Harrison: Well, the band hated each other, so we broke up. And I was, well what do I do now. I learned that you could rebel in style by filling up nightclubs and getting people drunk for a living. This is actually a job that exists in New York City. It's called a nightclub promoter, and you can make a ton of money doing this, working like two nights a week. So, if you got the right people in the club you could charge them $16 a cocktail, $500 for a bottle of vodka, and they'd buy like three or four just to get in the club.

01:02 Harrison: So, this is a snapshot of my beautiful life, 10 years later. Not so beautiful. I'm doing massive amounts of drugs, I've got a gambling problem, I smoke two packs a day, I drink every day, I'm addicted to pornography, I hang out in strip clubs. I'm a mess. So walking away from everything, it was just like a spiral down, and at 28, this is me, some horrible club at 5 in the morning. I'd come off a decade of getting wasted, getting other people wasted. Two years taking pictures. I just decided to go for it.

01:40 Harrison: I said, "Before I die, I've probably got 45 years to throw at this. What if I could end the water crisis? What if I could see a day where every man, woman and child had clean water to drink?" I also thought, "What if I could help to re-invent charity?" Because, I thought I was broke and my friends, they weren't giving. We turned six a couple of weeks ago, and we've raised $74 million from 400,000 people around the world. We've turned that into clean drinking water for 2.7 million people.