Once you've determined your needs, you'll need to investigate the options you think best fit those needs. This section includes an overview of how to evaluate your options: where to look, what you should expect to pay, what features to ask for, and what to watch out for.

" Research Data Backup Turnkey Solutions"
There are a number of different features you may want to consider, such as data security, storage space, and the user interface. Itemize your needs in an organized way to ensure an efficient decision-making process.

" Research Off-the-Shelf Data Backup Solutions"
You can purchase backup software, hardware, and media from online resellers, such as NECX Global Electronics Exchange and Outpost.com, as well as brick-and-mortar computer stores and, in some cases, directly from the vendor's Web site. NECX even offers buying how-to guides that explain the technology and its features and uses.

" Research the Options for Building Your Own Data Backup Solution"
You may want to consider RAID, redundant servers, and/or removable hard drives. RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a configuration of one or more hard disk drives that work together to increase performance and/or fault tolerance. A set of RAID drives comes with a special hard drive controller with RAID functionality built into it. RAID improves performance by striping data (interleaving it) across multiple drives, so that more than one disk drive is reading and writing data at the same time, which allows several disk drives do the task of one drive and improves the speed. RAID provides fault protection (protects against data loss due to hard drive failure) by using one of two techniques: mirroring or parity.

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