With more than 30 CC's Community Coffee houses in Louisiana, family-owned Community Coffee Company has been a cherished local tradition for more than 90 years.

Friends and family get together over a cup of Community coffee, freshly brewed by baristas who are expert at handcrafting delicious signature beverages, "always served with a strong shot of Southern charm," says president and CEO Matt Saurage.

But like any business, Community Coffee Company is constantly challenged to meet and exceed the evolving needs and expectations of its customers, and to provide unique and innovative products and services that engage and delight them. "With the Sprinter, we’ve been able to enter the mobile food truck marketplace with an unequalled solution,"Saurage says. "There are other mobile coffee vans, but we haven’t found one built and engineered like ours. It begins with an unparalleled platform to build upon, and that’s the Sprinter."

Designing the perfect coffeehouse on wheels

The CC's Community Coffee House Streetside Cafe started with a 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Model 2500 High Roof Cargo Van with 144-inch wheelbase as a blank canvass. A full-body graphics wrap in the company’s well-known red, gold, black, and white motif creates instant brand recognition. A custom-fabricated, 100 percent stainless steel interior, freshwater and wastewater tanks, under-counter refrigeration, a 25-kilowatt generator, and additional customization complete the transformation to a bona fide CC’s Community Coffee House on wheels.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was an easy choice, Saurage says. "Quality, brand integrity, innovation, and consistency. The service and ease of use. It's all there.” Sprinter’s fuel efficiency, the flexibility and customizability of its interior space, maneuverability, reliability, handling, and driver comfort all figured in the purchase decision. "It's the combination of all those things that makes the Sprinter platform unique and so adaptable to our needs," he says.

Growth is in the cards for the company, and that means more CC's Community Coffee House Sprinters. "Mercedes-Benz Sprinter just represents the top of the class for us," Saurage says. "It goes beyond the badge on the hood. It’s what is behind that badge that makes the difference for us."