Evolve Electric Motorcycles is committed to creating new vehicles for a new generation. To do that, it has designed a modern take on the old, auto-industry way of doing things, says cofounder and principal Lex Kendall. “Everything is super-lean, sophisticated, and modern. We’re doing lots of outsourcing and leveraging other players’ strengths to come up with a package that is better than the sum of its parts.” Freightliner Sprinter fits perfectly with Evolve’s brand image. “Our look is sophisticated and design-focused, and reliability is one of the core values we want to project,” he says. “Sprinter is sleek, stylish, and reliable—just like our motorcycles.”

“Sprinter is very much a member of the Evolve family. We do a lot of road trips, delivering bikes and promoting the business, and it’s just a pleasure to drive and ride in the Evolve Sprinter.”

Kendall and his partners first thought about getting an electric van, but they found nothing available that could meet their needs at a price they could afford. Kendall, who is British, was familiar with the Sprinter from Europe, and a closer look quickly convinced the Evolve team that the Freightliner Sprinter Model 2500 High Roof Cargo Van with a 144-inch wheelbase was the perfect vehicle for them.

Affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy to drive

“We saw it as the epitome of an efficient, clean, modern, progressive vehicle,” he says. The company is self-financed and wants to stay that way as long as possible, so Sprinter’s affordability and fuel-efficiency were important selling points. So, too, were its drivability and maneuverability. The company is based in traffic-heavy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it drives its fully graphics-wrapped Sprinter up and down the East Coast, delivering motorcycles to dealers and attending marketing and demonstration events.

“We only make a few bikes at a time, and delivery to dealerships is a real white-glove experience,” Kendall says. “Sprinter is the crux of our business in many ways. We couldn’t do what we do without a Sprinter.” The vehicle is also a highly effective marketing platform, he adds. Its eye-catching blue-and-white graphics motif includes a QR code that links to Evolve’s website. “It’s a moving billboard that really raises our exposure,” he says. “When our Sprinter’s on the road, hits on our website go through the roof.”