Comfort, durability, value and exceeding the expectations of its customers are characteristics that define KLIM USA, a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced motorsports apparel for snowmobile and motorcycle riders. It should come as no surprise, then, that founder and president Justin Summers chose the Freightliner Sprinter to take KLIM's story on the road. "The Sprinter mirrors our values perfectly, with comfort, durability, value, and functionality," he says.

"The Sprinter quietly dominates every task we throw at it. When people ask us about it, we can't help but recommend it-;just as we do with KLIM gear."

KLIM builds gear for a specific user and tries to "really get inside that person’s experience to develop something that is better than everything else available," Summers explains. That formula works so well that the company constantly finds new user groups to target. That’s a “great problem to have,” he says, but a challenge when it comes to focusing limited resources on core groups. Competition in the marketplace is another challenge-;one KLIM meets by refusing to compromise on quality and durability. Its marketing program focuses on educating consumers about the advantages of KLIM's approach, and the Sprinter is a big help in all its efforts.

From airport runs to desert drop-offs

KLIM has a 2012 Freightliner Sprinter Model 2500 High-Roof Cargo Van with 170-inch wheelbase, and it's on the road nearly every week as part of the company's "Where's the Sprinter?" promotional calendar. "The BlueTEC diesel engine is incredibly efficient," Summers says. "Whether we're hauling staff to a trade show, transporting a store display and inventory to a dealership, or filling it up with motorcycles for a ride event, it can literally handle whatever we throw at it and give us good fuel economy in return."

Summers says the KLIM Sprinter “is the vehicle to use if you want to tell a technical story.”  Its Special-Ops, matte black and carbon fiber, customer graphic wrap and powder-coated wheels make it "the coolest Sprinter we've ever seen. It has a huge billboard presence that tells people KLIM is in town." Sprinter's versatility means KLIM can haul its entire sales department to the airport in the morning and motorcycles to Moab in the afternoon, and its reputation for durability was an important factor in Summers’s purchase decision. "We have friends with older Sprinters pushing the half-million-mile mark without a hiccup," he says.  "We can't wait to get there with ours and experience that sort of reliability."