Chicagoans know where to go when they get the urge for a $75 white truffle cupcake: More Cupcakes, which has become a bona fide fixture on the city’s Gold Coast. “We like to say if you can eat it or drink it, we can make it into a cupcake,” says Patty Rothman, founder and owner. Everything about More Cupcakes screams “upscale,” especially its small but glitzy storefront, which has won two AIA design awards. When she decided to take the concept on the road, called More Mobile, Rothman knew only the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter would do.

“The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lets us literally bring our award-winning store to our customers, whoever and wherever they may be.”

“I chose the Sprinter for several reasons,” she says. “First and foremost, it’s a Mercedes, but it’s also one of the few vehicles on the road that allows us to stand up inside. Its design makes it simple to outfit, which for us meant putting in a refrigerator, generator, hot and cold running water, and lots of other equipment. Finally, even though it’s large, it doesn’t drive like a truck—it drives like a Mercedes.”

Recreating an award-winning space

More Cupcakes currently has a 2010 Sprinter Model 2500 High Roof Cargo Van with a 170-inch wheelbase, but Rothman says she envisions “an entire fleet of More Mobile Sprinters on the road” in the company’s future. She loves the fuel economy provided by the BlueTec diesel engine and the “open canvas” that the Sprinter provides for the design-savvy firm. “We were able to incorporate many of our store’s winning design attributes in our Sprinter, creating a mini-replica of our retail space,” she says.

The More Mobile Sprinter has a retail area with additional employee seating, customized lighting, and a state-of-the-art POS system. Its full graphics wrap reflects the store’s key design elements, and the van sports a custom-cut display window and a hinged sales window. “Having the More Mobile Sprinter has allowed me to expand into new markets and reach more customers,” Rothman says. “This has given a tremendous boost to our business.”