“Expertise Delivered” is the chosen brand identity of PSS World Medical, and it’s an apt description of the role every team member plays in helping the company live up to its goal of strengthening the clinical and financial health of caregivers by solving their biggest problems. The company’s success is built on years of experience serving more than 140,000 customers, and the Sprinter “plays a critical part in Expertise Delivered because it is the primary vehicle for our 600 delivery professionals,” says Mark Rigdon, senior director of logistics for PSS.

“The large capacity of the Sprinter combined with its relatively low weight allows us to grow without adding resources.”

PSS markets and distributes medical products and services to front-line caregivers throughout the United States. The biggest challenge it faces is the rapid pace of change in the healthcare industry. “Our customers are facing unprecedented pressure to contain costs, and increasing regulations are making it very difficult for them to run healthy businesses and care for patients,” Rigdon says. “Today, our mission to improve caregivers’ financial performance by 20 percent is directly aligned to the challenges they face. One of the ways we help is by continuing to find innovative ways to grow without adding resources. The Sprinter has been a valuable tool in helping us contain costs for our customers.”

Fuel economy gains of 20 percent

A growth-oriented company, PSS aims to accelerate growth over the next several years by taking a very focused approach in four healthcare verticals: physician, laboratory, dispensing, and home care. Among the challenges it has to meet are rising energy costs. “The Sprinter helps by not only having more capacity, but we see 20 percent fuel economy gains out of the diesel,” Rigdon says.

With almost 100 Freightliner Sprinters currently in the fleet, those savings really add up, and PSS World Medical has 63 more 2012 Freightliner Sprinter Model 2500 High Roof Cargo Vans with 170-inch wheelbase currently on order. A few years ago, PSS identified a need for greater cargo capacity and chose Sprinter after trying several different truck types. “We selected Sprinter based on many characteristics,” Rigdon says. With the company logging 15 million miles a year, the durability and fuel economy of the BlueTEC diesel engine was a big factor. “And our delivery professionals give us good feedback on the maneuverability and comfort of the Sprinter compared to other vehicles,” he adds.