Succeeding in today's tough retail environment calls for diversity and flexibility inside and outside your business, says Scott Penzarella, founder and owner of Studio Velo, a high-end cycle shop with a European theme in Mill Valley, California. "To give our business that 'something extra,' we created SV:Travel, a new division that lets us offer our customers on-the-road travel adventures that create community, strengthen customer loyalty, and drive sales. The focal point of that experience is our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter," he says.

Studio Velo's SV:Travel Sprinter is built on a 2500 High Roof Passenger Van with 144-inch wheelbase, and it's routinely put through its paces on cycle adventures of one to four days duration in all kinds of conditions throughout California's wide range of terrain. "The Studio Velo Sprinter becomes a beacon of comfort and security for our clients," Penzarella says. "Sporting our brand colors and graphics, the Sprinter allows us to engage with our clients in a whole new light."

Giving customers what they want...

The Studio Velo Sprinter is outfitted to please Penzarella's demanding clientele, sporting custom cabinetry, a full mobile kitchen for the professional chef who accompanies every trip-even a wireless hotspot. "From the perspective of our clients, the Studio Velo Sprinter provides the ultimate solution to riding long distances with a large group," he explains. "It provides comfortable seating for the long drive home and ample storage for gear and equipment. The Sprinter easily tows our trailer with up to 14 bikes with incredible fuel efficiency, and its driving prowess over the long, windy roads we travel is unbelievable. In short, it does it all."

The front and rear receiver hitch mounts welded to the chassis support bike racks, equipment racks, and portable work stands, adding important practical advantages to the comfort and luxury Studio Velo has built into its Sprinter. On-the-road bike repairs and adjustments are handled with the same aplomb as the gourmet meals and café lattes are dispensed.

...and confidence to first-timers

The qualities and capabilities Sprinter provides Studio Velo are important to all its clients, but especially to those attempting their first long-distance rides. "From the moment you depart to the moment you arrive, the Studio Velo Sprinter becomes your home away from home. It's what you see from the distance, awaiting you at every turn. It's the safety blanket for our clients and our staff on a long, challenging ride down the California coast," Penzarella says.

Launching SV:Travel was challenging, like any new venture-"tight margins, high risk, and lots of unknowns," Penzarella acknowledges. "But Sprinter's durability, comfort, and security  provided our brand and our business with a means to be successful from day one," he adds. "Purchasing the Sprinter was far and away one of the best decisions we made in SV:Travel's first years of operation, not only for our business, but for the experience of our clients."

Build Your Own Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Success

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