“Food, Community, Culture since 1995” is the tag line of The Memphis Group, an operator of dining and entertainment establishments in Orange County, California. When co-owners Dan Bradley and Diego Velasco decided to expand the company’s full-service catering operation, they were intent on finding a way to do it while remaining true to that branding. Choosing Sprinter to execute the strategy was a no-brainer, Bradley says.

“The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van with our company’s modern graphics and logo speaks to that sense of quality and sophistication that The Memphis Group is all about.”

“When we made the commitment to significantly grow our catering and events business, we set out to make a bold statement to our customers"•one that conveys we are a quality operation,” he says. “We knew the type of company vehicle we used would be one of the most powerful ways we could convey this. Of course, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was the logical choice.” 

Versatility, passenger capacity, and brand image

Bradley and Velasco decided on a 2010 Sprinter Crew Van with a 144-inch wheelbase, which they purchased new last year. Topping their list of priorities were a versatile cargo space and the ability to transport staff to off-site catering jobs that vary widely in nature. “With its seating for five adults, the Sprinter Crew Van was perfect for our needs without having to customize the interior. If we need more cargo room, the bench seat is easily removable,” Bradley explains. They love the fuel efficiency and reliability of the six-cylinder BlueTec engine, he adds, “and even with its larger size, the Sprinter is a pleasure to drive.”

The biggest challenge The Memphis Group faces in growing its catering and events business is creating awareness of its existence. “Once we started driving the ‘Memphis Catering & Events’ Sprinter Crew Van around town, it increased brand recognition and inquiries immediately,” Bradley says. “Since our graphics-wrapped Sprinter was put into use, catering income has increased by 30%. When parked in our lot, it functions as additional signage, and our restaurant sales are also up as a result.”