Werner Paddles is a company devoted to “ultimate paddle performance,” something Jim Miller, the company’s marketing manager, admits “might sound like something marketed to the pros.” In fact, the Werner Paddles team believes all kayakers and canoeists, no matter what their level of skill, can benefit from the cutting-edge materials and design of their products and the pride and quality of workmanship that go into every one. It wanted a vehicle that would project that message when Werner Paddles took its show on the road, and it found just the right one in the Freightliner Sprinter.

“Sprinter is helping our company grow by allowing our sales reps to visit our accounts and events with all the gear they need as efficiently as possible.”

“The Werner Sprinters play several distinct roles for us,” Miller says. “Most importantly, they provide comfortable, efficient transportation for our sales reps and all the gear and demo products they need as they travel across their territories, meeting with dealers and supporting consumer events.” Because the Sprinter’s interior is so large and easily configurable, it serves as a mobile office, showroom, changing room, and often a bedroom. Werner Paddles has two 2012, one 2011, and one 2007 Freightliner Sprinter Model 2500 Cargo Van(s) with 144-inch wheelbase. All are equipped with a rear ladder providing access to a roof rack for kayaks and stand-up boards.

A broad canvas for “Ultimate Paddle Performance”

The Werner Sprinters also play an important role in the company’s marketing and brand management efforts. “The sides and rear of the Sprinter provide a broad canvas, and we have created a custom Werner Paddles graphics package,” Miller says. “It’s the perfect platform to broadcast our mission of ultimate paddle performance.” The interiors are customized with a bulkhead wall separating the cockpit from the living and storage spaces, which include a passenger bench that converts to a bed, a fold-up desk, and custom racks to secure sample paddles.

“We did our research before choosing the vehicles that would represent Werner Paddles. The size of the Sprinter was an important factor in leading us to believe it would provide the best return on our investment,” Miller says. “That’s been the case, by every measure. Our Sprinters are reliable, fuel-efficient, and easy to maintain. Our reps love them because they are comfortable, maneuverable, and drive like a car, and they project just the image of respect for hard work, uncompromising quality, and relentless innovation that Werner Paddles is all about.”