10 Eye-Catching Ambient Ads

Courtesy Publicis
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A Blessed Mess

A bad spill can ruin your day, but the idea behind this outdoor campaign was to just say ‘Bring it!” says Rob Feakins, chief creative officer of ad agency Publicis. The 8-foot, 550-lb. Popsicle was actually frozen when it was placed on the Santa Monica promenade. While it melted under the sun, paper towels and real Popsicles were handed out to pedestrians. Meanwhile, in New York City, an eight-foot by three-foot cup of coffee “spilled out” onto the sidewalk on Seventh Avenue near Madison Square Garden. Feakins noted people are becoming immune to TV advertising, so ambient advertising especially outdoors can have a powerful impact; in just two days, this campaign generated 3.4 million impressions, he says.