10 Great Entrepreneurs Talk about their Start-up Days

Sundance, Robert Redford
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Robert Redford on Creativity

The name Sundance is synonymous with independent filmmaking, thanks to the efforts of actor and entrepreneur Robert Redford. His resistance to movies that were focus-grouped to the point of blandness gave birth to the Sundance Institute, the spiritual home of the independent film movement, as well as for-profit offshoots like the Sundance Channel. Sundance Institute fellows aren’t selected for ideas with commercial potential, but artistic and narrative merit. For Redford, growth isn’t a matter of crunching numbers. It’s a creative process. “Do you think the earth was created by an accountant?” he asked a reporter in 2003. “No! The earth was created by the combustion of a creative explosion. Fire and chaos are what started everything. Then order came on top of that.”