12 Memorable Event Marketing Campaigns

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Great Heights

Snapple White Tea "High Tea" Tour
Snapple Beverage Corporation was ready to launch its newest creation: Snapple White Teas, "The Lightest Tasting Teas on Earth." Eventage advertising group took a tour of nine U.S. cities from June to August 2010 to take consumers skyward. At each location, Snapple set up three 22-foot helium balloons, each balloon featuring a new Snapple White Tea flavors, and flew consumers up to 1,200 feet above the ground. Snapple also set up tents and gave out bottles of their new product, distributing a total of 21,000 samples of Snapple's White Teas. The U.S. tour sparked 33 million media impressions, as well as photos and spots in The New York Times and BrandWeek, making this promotion one of the most successful in Snapple's history.