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Green Construction -- Nic Darling, Chad Ludeman, and Courtney Ludeman
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Green Construction -- Nic Darling, Chad Ludeman, and Courtney Ludeman, Postgreen

When it comes to purchasing products and services, consumers are increasingly making their decisions with the environment in mind. One company that has capitalized on this growing consumer awareness is Postgreen, a Philadelphia-based real-estate development company whose mission is to build green homes that are affordable for the average family. Founders Chad and Courtney Ludeman, and marketing director, Nic Darling, are working on a line of LEED-certified homes that will sell for $100 a square foot -- a cost equal to a regular home without green efficiencies. "We are making consumers look at houses differently," says Darling. "Instead of just a monthly payment, they are starting to look at all the costs that go into owning a home, and we have a distinct advantage in being much less expensive [to maintain] than a normal house."