15 Ways to Be More Productive

Jordan Zimmerman, Zimmerman Advertising
John Loomis
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Answer the Phone

"Communication is key. I call the CEO or chairperson of every one of my major clients every day. I like the directness of phone conversations; you don’t miss things the way you do with e-mail. I also carry my cell phone around the building, and my employees do as well. We have a rule: I answer their calls and they answer my calls. Also, cut down on sleep. Why would you sleep when it’s time to live? Sleeping isn’t living. You sleep when you die. I get up at 3:30 every morning and I’m at the gym by 4. Then I ride 25 miles on my bike before breakfast. Being in shape is what gives me energy."

Jordan Zimmerman is the founder of Zimmerman Advertising, which has 22 offices and billings in excess of $2.6 billion.