17 People Making Way More Money After Leaving Finance for Start-Ups

The founders of Behance. Belsky is on the right.
Daniel Goodman/Business Insider
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Scott Belsky quit a job at Goldman Sachs to start Behance. After bootstrapping it for five years, then raising a few million dollars, he sold it to Adobe for $150 million.

Scott Belsky is now an angel investor in companies like Pinterest with his own, very big start-up success. Last year he sold a portfolio site for designers, Behance, to Adobe for $150 million.

Prior to founding Behance, Belsky worked for Goldman Sachs. He told Business Insider about his decision to leave Wall Street for a start-up.

"I figured I might just become a middle manager living a great life, but not doing something extraordinary. I came to believe that doing something extraordinary is never achieved through ordinary means. I remember that moment at Goldman where I was thinking I should leave and start something. I shared that with colleagues and they thought I was crazy. I gained confidence from being doubted."