17 People Making Way More Money After Leaving Finance for Start-Ups

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Before he founded Amazon, Jeff Bezos* held a number of jobs at banks and hedge funds. As a teenager, he worked for McDonald's.

Bezos worked as a computer scientist on Wall Street after he graduated from Princeton. Then he headed to a company called Fidel, and later to Bankers Trust where he became its vice president. After that, he became SVP at a hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co.

He dabbled in entrepreneurship prior to founding Amazon. He nearly created a news-by-fax company with the founder of CNET, for example.

D.E. Shaw was Bezos's last stint in finance before he created an online book retailer which, coincidentally, held most of its early meetings in the local Barnes & Noble.

*Jeff Bezos is invested in Business Insider through Bezos Expeditions.