17 Start-Up Founders on How to Become Insanely Successful

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John Seiffer, founder of CEO Boot Camp

Advice about the power of passion is wrong. Of course you have to be passionate--why else would you work those crazy hours and blow all that money. But the people whose companies crashed and burned were passionate too.

Consider interviewing people who've been married for 50 years. I bet they'll all say they're in love. But so will the people who've been married 2 weeks and will divorce in the next 2 years.

Or you know that movie about the guy who sacrifices everything building a landing platform for space aliens in his living room? He looses job, wife, kids yet still goes at it. Then at the end the aliens come to get him and they are friendly, super intelligent etc. Well, guess what? They don't make movies about the guys who loose everything building a landing platform but in the end, the aliens don't come--he just dies homeless under a bridge. Lousy movie but happens more often in real life.