17 Start-Up Founders on How to Become Insanely Successful

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Jon Davis, employee at Quora and owner of a private real estate firm

Fill out the application.

Because sometimes your fears of opportunity are the only actual thing preventing you from getting your dream job, that business loan or a new home. Sometimes you sit and look at the jobs website a dozen times thinking that you don't want to face the fear of rejection and you never do it. Sometimes you think to yourself that if they were to hire you, you would surely fail. Sometimes you think about the change in your life and what it might mean. Sometimes you might turn out to be more scared of the change than you are with the situation you want so badly to change. This is why you are still there asking what is good advice for your career.

Sometimes the best things in life are huge and terrifying, different and drenched with change, but they require you to take that step in the middle of one night. You click that button, fill out that form, make the call, send the email. Take the chance, take the risk and fail. Fail until you finally get the call back, which never comes to the very scared person who never filled out the application.