17 Start-Up Founders on How to Become Insanely Successful

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Joshua Ledgard, founder of KickoffLabs.com

Succeed (or fail) at someone else's (well funded) startup.

Within the product teams at Microsoft I learned a ton about shipping software and managing people, but it didn't expose me to the business and marketing site of the coin much. The downside of a larger company is the unintentional silos that go up.

I tried to find job internally that was both a promotion and would start exposing me to those things. When I couldn't find it ... I left and joined a <100 person company.

They were crazy enough to let me:

- Run my own team.
- Manage the budget and revenue for this team.
- Work closely with sales, marketing, and consulting aspects of the business.
- See just how important customer support is to the success of a startup that wants to make money.