The 2009 Inc. 500: The Top 10 Black-Run Companies

Andre Gudger, Solvern Innovations
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Andre Gudger, CEO, Solvern Innovations, No. 121

Since the age of 12, Andre Gudger has been an “ethical hacker.” In addition to a fascination with computer programming, he was generally studious growing up. “I took every book home from my locker from 6th grade through my senior year in high school,” he says. Though he developed a desire to be an entrepreneur in his teens it wasn’t until his graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that he really got a taste of the business world. He took classes in locales as far flung as China, Mexico, and Brazil, learning about venture capital, corporate ethics, and global operations. All this set the stage for Gudger to launch the IT and consulting firm Solvern Innovations in 2003. Now the company has revenue of over $12 million.