The 2009 Inc. 500: The Top 10 Black-Run Companies

Bobby Blackwell, Darrell Childs, GS5
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Bobby Blackwell and Darrell Childs, Founders, GS5, No. 383

Most people could tell you the price of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread at their grocer’s but Bobby Blackwell (pictured) is intimate with the price tags of airplanes, submarines and automobiles. Blackwell founded GS5, which helps the government with acquisition and budgeting for military equipment, with Darrell Childs (pictured), Michael Wood, and John Gorsuch. Their organization helps the Department of Defense articulate the requirements for their big ticket items to legislators and Blackwell says, the job presents the “satisfying challenge of framing issues in a way that people will understand it and embrace your ideas. When they get it and support it that can be very rewarding.”