The 2010 Inc. 5000: Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs

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Lee Chen, CEO and Founder

A10 Networks
San Jose, CA

No. 46
2009 Revenue: $20.4 million
Three-Year Growth: 4,927.63%

When Chen was young, his parents fled from China to Taiwan amidst the fallout between the communists and the nationalists. Chen, the middle child of eight siblings, always had a nose for opportunity setting up tutoring and catering businesses in high school. At 25, he came to the United States to take a job at an IT company without speaking a lick of English. His first two start-ups raked in hefty IPOs, and at the second one, Foundry Networks, the CEO inspired him to go it alone. The CEO told Chen that "'in the technology world there's no way you can start a company with one person,'" Chen recalls, "so I took [that as a] challenge." Now his solo efforts have turned into A10 Networks, a $20.4 million server appliances company.