The 2010 Inc. 5000: Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs

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Ming Chan, CEO and Founder

Pasadena, CA

No. 280
2009 Revenue: $2.3 million
Three-Year Growth: 1,077.2%

Though Chan runs a successful ad agency he doesn't see himself in any of the Mad Men characters and that's partly because he's a new breed of ad man. Chan's pedigree is in Silicon Valley working as a software engineer and Web developer at a string of start-ups before striking out on his own. What sets his agency, The1stMovement, apart from many of its competitors is that they put as much focus on the technology as on the creative side of the equation. Chan was born in New York but grew up in Hong Kong where his father moved for work when he was four. His father worked in finance, but ironically rather than encouraging him to start a business, it gave him tremendous pause. "I never really got into financial [things] because I saw how hard [my father] worked and his lifestyle and it wasn't something that I wanted to do," he says.