The 2010 Inc. 5000: Top 10 Companies by Growth Rate

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Kevin Paul, CEO



No. 10

2009 Revenue: $11.2 million

Three-Year Growth: 10,925.57%

Paul moved from India to Indianapolis with his parents at the age of eight but he adapted quickly, cutting his teeth as an entrepreneur by mowing lawns and working a paper route. He spoke of the stereotype of Indian parents pushing their children into the fields of law or medicine, but says his folks were supportive when he joined the Army straight out of high school and his 14 years in the service taught him to handle clients. "Just give them the facts, don't sugarcoat anything," he says. His experience at KPaul has taught him that patience and persistence are the most important factors to contracting for the government. While he's seen beginning contractors give up after six months, he says it can sometimes take years to land a sizable contract.