The 2010 Inc. 5000: Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs

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Nick Pahade, CEO

New York City

No. 50
2009 Revenue: $5.7 million
Three-Year Growth: 4,423.54%

Pahade was a hair's breadth away from becoming Dr. Pahade when he started his first company as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. Pahade, who is now CEO of Traffiq, an online marketplace for display advertising, had already been accepted to a few medical schools when he deferred for a year to kick start the ad agency Beyond Interactive with some friends. Despite his departure from the med school track, Pahade's parents were very supportive. "My dad was the original and only investor in Beyond," he says. "It was pretty much a tax write off for him at the time [but] it's probably the best investment he's made to date." Pahade's parents can also take solace in his younger brother, who is a radiologist.