The 2010 Inc. 5000: The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs

Jamie Arundell Latshaw  CEO and President  Lexicon Consulting
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Jamie Arundell Latshaw, CEO and President

Lexicon Consulting
El Cajon, California

No. 4
2009 Revenue: $14.4 million
Three-Year Growth: 14,017.7%

Latshaw (left) spent eight years in active duty with the U.S. Army. Toward the end of her command as officer, Latshaw noticed that the military was training soldiers in a new way, setting up mock Afghani and Iraqi villages around the U.S. so soldiers could experience cultural immersion before they deployed. Based on her observations, Latshaw founded Lexicon Consulting, which hires Afghani and Iraqi natives living in the U.S. to be "role players" in the mock villages. She attributes Lexicon's growth to the role players' passion. "They're really responsible for our success, because they want the soldiers to be successful."