A Celebration of Inc. 500 Workers

Andrea Bruce
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Rahimi, Interpreter
Mission Essential Personnel
No. 235

For two years, Rahimi (pictured, center) has worked for Columbus, Ohio–based Mission Essential Personnel, as an interpreter at the Kabul Military Training Center in Afghanistan. (His first name has been omitted to protect his identity.) He spends his days serving as the go-between for members of the U.S. Army and those of the Afghan National Army, who speak Pashto and Dari. Both sides need instant and accurate communications as they collaborate closely on maneuvers and tactics in the field. Rahimi, who is a native of Kabul, took the job to support his family and to fund his studies at Kardan University, where he is pursuing a degree in business administration. Rahimi says his success on the job depends upon building a close rapport with U.S. Army officials. “I still have a connection with even those who have gone back to the States,” he says. —April Joyner