A Celebration of Inc. 500 Workers

Billy Delfs
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Michelle Zhang, Test Technician
Quality Electrodynamics
No. 496

Life has been tough for Michelle Zhang since she moved to the United States from China five years ago. In 2008, her husband lost his job at a pharmaceutical company in Connecticut; he moved the family to California for a new job and lost that one as well eight months later. Zhang had been an engineer in China, but when the family moved back to Connecticut, she took a housekeeping job at a casino to help support her family. Over the next two years, she picked up other odd jobs, sometimes working two at a time. That changed this May, when an employment agency placed Zhang in a temp-to-hire position as a technician at Quality Electrodynamics, a Mayfield Village, Ohio–based company that manufactures coils for MRI machines. “I’m so lucky to have this job,” she says. “It’s been a tough time for my family, but it’s made me stronger.” —Issie Lapowsky