A Celebration of Inc. 500 Workers

Drew Kelly
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Willue Jerry, Packer
Revolution Foods
No. 262

In 2004, Willue Jerry, then 14, moved with her family to California from Sierra Leone, after the country was convulsed by civil war. Today, she works as a food packer at Revolution Foods’s Oakland culinary center, where, starting at 5 o’clock every morning, she places cooked meals onto trays and packs the trays into boxes for nearby schools. Jerry also sorts incoming shipments of produce—a task not so different from the responsibilities she once held at her parents’ struggling farm in Sierra Leone. “It was hard sometimes to even have food to eat,” she says of her old life. “Where I’m working now, they make the employees lunch every day for free.” But what Jerry loves most about the job is her early schedule, which gives her plenty of time to get home and play with her 2-year-old son, Elijah. —J.J. McCorvey