10 Growth Strategies from Inc. 500 CEOs

From left to right: Josef Gorowitz; Eli Stiefel, Controller; Andre Leb, VP Int'l; Mendy Orimland, Dir. Ad Sales. Courtesy Co.
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Make realistic promises

"Some companies will go out and promise the consumer certain advantages," says Josef Gorowitz, CEO of Prodege, an online customer loyalty rewards program. "What we give to our users is part of the revenue that we receive. We make sure we don't overpromise; we pay out what we can." Gorowitz, who is also trained as a rabbi, attributes his business know-how to his grandfather, a post-war Russian immigrant who started his textile business from the ground up. However, Gorowitz believes that the fundamentals of Jewish law—honesty, underpromising, and overdelivering—are the same drivers of his company's growth. "We promise what we feel we can give back to the community, and we keep building on that steadily," he says.