10 Growth Strategies from Inc. 500 CEOs

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Address your weaknesses

Soon after Cadillac Stone Works moved to Las Vegas, demand for fabrication-only construction businesses on the strip plummeted, and the company was in jeopardy of falling apart. That is, until president Jeff Grail came across an installation company ready to go out of business, and made a game-changing decision. "I acquired the company," Grail says. "You stick with what you know, and I did not know the installation side of this business, especially in a market like Las Vegas." By purchasing the company, Cadillac Stone Works now covers all of the bases required to thrive in the current market, whether it's construction, installation, or renovation, and is enjoying newfound success. "I knew I had a weakness, I found my weakness in my company, and I was able to turn that into a tremendous strength."