10 Growth Strategies from Inc. 500 CEOs

From left to right: John Ervin, Project Engineer; Allen Bucknam, CEO; and John Collier, Asst. Superintendent. Courtesy Company
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Be honest

Many people are unaware or uninformed about alternative forms of energy, so it makes sense that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of Sundurance Energy, a company that designs, builds, operates, and maintains large-scale solar electric projects. "Being straight shooters with our customers and being very honest right from the upfront discussions is really a key part of our success," says Allen Bucknam, CEO of Sundurance Energy. "When you're in a competitive situation, it can be very tempting to overpromise, and we really resist that. We spend a lot of time rigorously estimating what we're going to do, both from a cost and schedule perspective, so when we put that in front of the customer, we stick to it. No hassles."