10 Growth Strategies from Inc. 500 CEOs

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Keep your employees happy

"When I started the company, I really did it because I wanted the freedom," says Sean Lonergan, president and CEO of PruGen Pharmaceuticals, a company that creates generic versions of prescription drugs. "I wanted to be able to go away when I pleased, so as I started adding employees on, it was really a lifestyle that I sold to the company too." While Lonergan is primarily responsible for choosing which drugs to make generic versions of, all of the manufacturing and designing falls on his employees, so he makes an extra effort to keep them all happy. "I give my employees a lot of freedom where they don't have to be in the office every day during summertime," he says. "I have the business set up so everything can be done via the computer from wherever they are. I base the company on a lot of freedom."

--Dave Smith