Top 10 American Indian Entrepreneurs

From left to right: Ken Novotny, with golf buddies Mike Schultz, Paul Pitcovitch, and Tony Purvis (Courtesy Company)
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Ken Novotny, President and CEO

Oklahoma City

No. 333
2010 Revenue: $24.04 million
Three-Year Growth: 996%

A "proud member" of the Choctaw nation, Ken Novotny (pictured far left) was raised in the minuscule town of Pocasset, Okahoma. "The entire town was three blocks wide and four blocks long," he says. From journeying to Oklahoma State University to forming CSI, which provides network and IT support within the federal government, Novotny has held onto the lessons from living in such a tiny community. "In a small town business setting, you’re only as good as your name," he says. "I apply that and try to do the right thing 100 percent of the time."