Top 10 American Indian Entrepreneurs

From left to right: Louie Wise, III, President; and Rob Boyer, Vice President (Courtesy Company)
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Louie Wise, III, President

Climate Control Mechanical Services
Ocala, Fla.

No. 959
2010 Revenue: $6.3 million
Three-Year Growth: 318%

Despite his minority status—and also having a hearing disability—Louie Wise, III (pictured right), refuses to make excuses. "Those things are part of who I am but they have never been used to gain access, apply for any personal benefits or limited me," he says. A descendant of the Creek Indian tribe, Wise achieved his position at Climate Control Mechanical Services by taking full responsibility of his actions, a virtue he tries to imbue in his employees. "Planning, processes, and performance enable someone to be successful. Heritage is something that should be understood, respected, and conveyed to your children, but never exploited."