Top 10 American Indian Entrepreneurs

From left to right: Janice Guy, Vice President Joe Biden, and Cathy Dowling, VP of Finance (Courtesy Company)
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Janice Guy, President

Hopkinton, Mass.

No. 1769
2010 Revenue: $33.79 million
Three-Year Growth: 150%

Janice Guy (pictured on the far left) regrets the distance between her work in Massachusetts and her beloved home of Hawaii, but she is used to the separation. Guy's father was a Marine, so growing up, Guy spent much of her childhood moving within the continental United States. During this time, her mother made every effort to ensure her daughter understood her Hawaiian heritage. She later followed in her father's footsteps, joining the Marines after college. "The discipline from my military background, coupled with my strong ohana ["family spirit," in Hawaiian] are deeply ingrained in the values of P3I."