Top 10 Companies by Growth Rate

From left to right: Crystal Culbertson, CEO; Joe Culbertson, President; John Lescarbeau, VP of Sales; Scott Seho(Courtesy Co)
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Crystal Culbertson, CEO

Crystal Clear Technologies
St. Petersburg, Fla.

No. 5
2010 Revenue: $16.38 million
Three-Year Growth: 16,048%

When the Department of Defense needs help updating its security systems, data center solutions, and communications infrastructure, it calls upon Crystal Clear Technologies, a woman-owned IT and data service. Offering strategic advice and assistance for government contracting and tech support, Crystal Clear Technologies' only mission, according to its CEO, is to "serve those who serve." Culbertson says her company stays focused by relying on one easy principle: "Get it right the first time!"