Top 10 Companies by Revenue

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John Tu, CEO

Kingston Technology
Fountain Valley, Calif.

No. 3,671

2010 Revenue: $6.5 billion

Three-Year Growth: 42.77%

A manufacturer of memory devices for computers and other electronics, Kingston Technology was founded by two AST Research runaways in 1987. By 1990, and without any help from venture capitalists, they were pulling in $140 million in sales, and in 1992 they topped the Inc. 500 list. When co-founders David Sun (right) and John Tu (left) sold eighty percent of the business to Softbank in 1996 for $1.5 billion, they distributed $100 million of the sale price to employees in bonuses. They stayed on with the company and, when Softbank offered to sell ownership back to them in 1999, Sun and Tu regained control of their company for $450 million.