Top 10 East Asian Entrepreneurs

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Henry Schuck, CEO

Vancouver, Wash.

No. 207
2010 Revenue: $2.8 million
Three-Year Growth: 1,516%

Henry Schuck credits his Iranian mother, who worked multiple jobs to support the family, with his first feelings of business success. To keep him out of trouble, she arranged for him to work at a near-by video store. "Behind my back and without me knowing she worked out a deal with the owner of the video store where he would “hire” me to help around the shop," he says. "But my mom would pay him to pay me. So I worked there for probably about a year—proud that I had a job and was making money and my mom was happy cause she knew I wasn’t out running with a bad crew." DiscoverOrg, an IT intelligence firm, is a product of his deeply rooted work ethic.