Top 10 East Asian Entrepreneurs

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Wasim Khaled, CEO

LuxMobile Group
Rochester, N.Y.

No. 234
2010 Revenue: $4.1 million
Three-Year Growth: 1,358%

A Bengali-American born in Chicago, Wasim Khaled actually grew up in upstate New York. His parents came to the U.S. for higher education. "The bar was set high for me, but it turned out I didn't really like structured education," says Khaled, founder of mobile accessories maker LuxMobile. Instead he explored his creative side, and he credits his parents with instilling a sense of freedom in his studies. "Instead of being forced along the doctor and engineer options like other Indian and Bengali kids, I had run of the house to film elaborate Kung Fu and detective movies and our attic was filled with the sounds of my band playing for hours on end," he recalls.